Bookman Graphics

 Lisa Mears is a graphic designer and owner of Bookman Graphics. Lisa was raised in Lancaster County, but left to go to college. She met her husband in graduate school, then raised two sons and a daughter in Virginia. When the kids flew the coop she and her husband, Gary, moved to Litiz!  


Lisa has been a graphic designer since 1988, but it was not until 2011, when her oldest boy went off to college, that she began creating and selling her own greeting cards, prints, and other products.   

 Beyond what you see in The Colored Coat, Lisa also designs custom wedding stationery, invitations for special occasions, corporate materials, and fun, unique Christmas cards. In addition, she is an avid photographer, a bible geek, and a sappy mom. You can see samples of her work online at both and  


The House Brand at the speckled sheep


Kim, Jessica, and Laurel are the owners of The Speckled Sheep and are craftswomen of their own accord as well. 

As such, they are constantly dreaming up wonderful new ideas to bring into the shop. 

Often times they work with another artist wh may not be local or who only does one small part of the whole product. 

So these unique items we call the "House Brand" and include Cafe items, housewares, jewelry, furniture and well a little bit of everything. 


Kelsey Showalter

Kelsey Showalter's art is a process of capturing a moment whether the focus is on capturing the spirit of an individual animal or the feeling an object or landscape evokes. She works mostly in charcoal, acrylic, and watercolor and enjoys mixing the different medias together.  

Moments and feelings are so fleeting. It's easy to see something beautiful and forget about it soon after; especially in the fast paced and increasingly information logged world we are living in now. 

For Kelsey, art is a way to narrow the lens of her attention to focus on and capture something special. It's a reminder to remain present, look for small pleasures, and to come back to the real world as often as possible. She hopes her art invites you to slow down and be present for a moment as well. 


Leaf E. Designs

Leaf E. Designs offers a selection of hand knit and hand woven garments and accessories. Her work is driven by the inspiration of both classic and modern fashion as well as the desire to play with design elements.  

 As is evident by her business name, nature plays a big role in the designing of projects. Exploring new fibers and melding new technologies with tried and true techniques is an important part of what she does on either the loom or the needles!